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Art has always been an integral part of my life. My artwork explores issues on feminism, sexuality and femininity, it is an ever-changing reflection on being a woman in a society where we are commonly objectified. My surroundings have molded the way I perceive myself and other women in it.


My art is autobiographical, using my body as the starting point. Through mixed media I depict the female genitalia and other imagery representing the objectification of woman as an ongoing project and theme on how we are portrayed culturally, religiously and socially.  Using fabric, magazine cutouts, and an array of other materials I create assemblages of intimate images and depictions of myself and other women. 


With hints of sexuality and femininity from the gender stereotypical types of materials I use, to the subject matter in my works, I focus on intimate compositions of women and how they’re perceived in different cultures throughout the world.

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