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Art has always played an integral role in my life. My creative expressions delve into various aspects of feminism, serving as a dynamic reflection on the experiences of being a woman in a society where objectification is prevalent. The environment I inhabit has profoundly shaped my perception of both myself and other women.


My artwork is deeply personal, centered around my own body as a point of departure. Through the utilization of mixed media, I depict the female and employ other imagery that symbolizes the ongoing objectification of women. This exploration serves as a constant theme within my artistic endeavors, delving into the cultural, religious, and social representations of women.


By employing materials such as fabric, cutouts from magazines, and an array of other mediums, I construct assemblages that blend intimate imagery with depictions of women. My work evokes sensuality and femininity, utilizing materials that are often associated with gender stereotypes. Through these artistic compositions, I aim to shed light on the diverse perceptions of women in different cultures around the world.

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